Our Story

The founders of C Cross started their transportation careers in the asset world of transportation, and through their experience managing a fleet, they learned that they could better serve their customers nationwide by providing 3PL services. Thus, C Cross Logistics was born.

In late 2015, C Cross Logistics opened its doors in Tuscaloosa, AL with two brokers and a handful of longtime customers. Now, C Cross employs over 40 brokers and agents, with additional locations in Meridian, MS and Atlanta, GA. We also employ a support staff providing excellent service so our customer service team can better serve you.







Why Choose Us?

C Cross seeks to create a specialized transportation solution for each carrier and customer that we work for. We want to build partnerships and see all parties become more efficient in their industry by knowing that their transportation needs are being taken care of. C Cross will provide innovative solutions to your company’s particular needs while striving to uphold honesty, integrity, and transparency.

We offer many modes of transportation including, flatbed, hotshot, van, reefer, OD, specialized, and even warehousing. We will go the extra mile to care for your freight needs. We strive for 100% on-time pickup and delivery while understanding that delays and errors are possible. We assure you that when these errors occur, we will make it our first priority to demonstrate effective communication in order to solve the issue at hand.

About Us

C Cross has three founders, Harrison Cook, Beau Wicks, and the late Penny Sewell. With over 20 years of experience in asset transportation, the founders of C Cross demanded that C Cross treat their customers and carriers like a true asset company would. C Cross checks the carrier’s insurance and safety scores on behalf of the customer. Customers also write one check, and C Cross takes on the task of paying the carriers. C Cross has our own claims department, and we take pride in never leaving our customers responsible for receiving payment on claims.

Our carriers have the option for “Quick Pays.” Coming from the asset side, we know that carriers sometimes need payment every week. With the quick pay process, carriers don’t have to worry about cash flow and instead can focus on providing excellent service levels.